2024 Q4
  • Support more collateral tokens
  • Develop DeFi forwards markets
  • Develop DeFi futures markets
2024 Q3
  • Kick-off orderbook mining
  • Prepare for multi-chain expansion
  • Design RWA tokens collateralized financing
  • Develop the Repo Markets
  • Support base tokens swap within Term Structure
  • Launch the token generation event
  • Support leverage in the Secondary Markets
2024 Q2
  • Launch the Primary & Secondary Markets on the Ethereum Mainnet
  • Launch the Bounty Program
  • Support LST and LRT as collateral
  • On-board primary dealers and market makers
2024 Q1
  • Run trading competitions on the Testnet
  • Cultivate developer ecosystem
  • Launch the Term Structure Academy
2023 Q4
  • Conducted smart contract and Circom audit by HashCloak
  • Publicly launch the Primary Markets & Secondary Markets on the Testnet
  • Close the seed round fundraising
2023 Q3
  • Refactored smart contract to Diamond proxy pattern
  • Developed evacuation mode
  • Developed trader API
  • Designed Term Structure Pro for institutions
  • Conducted smart contract and Circom audit by ABDK
2023 Q2
  • Launch the Primary Markets and Secondary Markets on the testnet for alpha test
  • Developed repayment, redemption, liquidation mechanism and forced withdrawal
2023 Q1
  • Developed the auction engine for the Primary Markets
  • Developed matching engine for the Secondary Markets
  • Deployed the Term Structure services to well-architected cloud framework
2022 Q4
  • Closed $2.55M angel round
  • Designed the Secondary Markets
  • Completed the POC of zkTrue-up system
2022 Q3
  • Completed the POC of Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Designed the Primary Markets
  • Designed the ZK rollup solution
  • Grew team members to 10+
2022 Q2
  • Built Term Structure team
  • Defined Term Structure missions in DeFi and identified solutions