Boost Your Crypto Returns with Fixed-Rate Trading

Experience Next-Level Yield Generation with LST, LRT and more assets

Why Term Structure

Lever-up Your LST and LRT

Earn more points and staking rewards via looping with your LRTs/LSTs

Ultimate Freedom in Lending & Borrowing

Choose your rates, collaterals, and loan terms across diverse assets

Secure Your Assets With ZK Rollups

Withdraw directly from mainnet whenever you need

How Term Structure Works

Primary market demonstration graph
Borrow with Collateral like LST/LRT
  • Collateralize your LSTs, LRTs, and other tokens to borrow
  • Ensure lenders' returns with a 75-90% LTV and a robust liquidation mechanism.
  • Conduct regular auctions every 8 hours
Lend to Get Fixed-income Tokens
  • Set your preferred rate to lend
  • Receive fixed-income tokens, tTokens, when orders are matched
  • Redeem your earnings with tTokens
Sell your tTokens to Hedge
  • Trade fixed-income tokens for hedging and risk-taking
  • Place sell orders at preferred rates in the Secondary Markets
  • Use a Real-time orderbook to efficiently liquidate fixed-income tokens
Buy tTokens to Earn or Trade
  • Buy tTokens to earn fixed income or trade on DeFi Rates
  • Trade tokens with different maturity dates
  • Obtain tTokens via Primary Markets or Secondary Markets
Secondary market demonstration graph

Maximize Profits with

Exclusive Strategies on

Term Structure

Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Accelerate Your LST/LRT Returns with Looping
Strategy example for how to accellerate your LST/LRT Returns

zkTrue-up =

Non-custodial + Gasless

You can initiate direct withdrawals with zkTrue-up smart contract to bypass operator censorship

Forced Withdrawal & Evacuation Mode

Cryptographic Proof for Transaction Integrity

No Gas Fee for Placing and Canceling Orders


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